Transmit Security wins Javelin plaudits
16 November 2018 09:19 GMT

Identity tech firm Transmit Security been named a leader in the inaugural edition of the Javelin Strategy & Research Mobile Biometrics Platform Scorecard. The Transmit Security Platform earned the “Leader” award in all three of the report’s categories: Functional, Innovative and Tailored.

“Being named a mobile biometrics leader by Javelin provides further validation that by marrying identity orchestration, authentication and fraud prevention, the Transmit Security Platform can meet all the cross-channel needs of large customer facing organizations,” said Mickey Boodaei, CEO of Transmit Security. “This award recognizes what banks, insurance companies, retailers, health-care institutions, and others are telling us, that Transmit Security accelerates time to market, reduces the cost of ownership for identity-related projects, and allows large enterprises to improve the identity related user experience.”

Javelin evaluated twelve leading mobile biometric platform providers with an emphasis on how well they support multiple biometric modalities across a variety of channels. Each platform was rated on Javelin’s Functional, Innovative, Tailored (FIT) model, which rewards providers that back up those biometric authenticators with additional data sources and authentication methods to secure the crucial enrollment step.

According to Javelin: “This model recognizes that for financial services companies, the decision of which vendor to integrate with depends not just on its capabilities related to solving the business problem of the day, but also how well the product is positioned to provide long-term value and how difficult and expensive integrating with the product will be.”

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