EAB joins SIA as Advisory Observer
16 November 2018 09:27 GMT

Secure Identity Alliance (SIA) announces that the European Association for Biometrics (EAB) has joined its ranks as an Advisory Observer.

With the complex challenges facing identity in Europe and across the world - whether it relates to migration, national security or the privacy rights of the individual - both organizations share a common goal in promoting the development and responsible use of identity technologies, and a commitment to work across the identity ecosystem to develop best practices that serve and empower citizens in Europe and beyond.

Today's announcement underscores this collaborative approach and further enhances the ability of both the SIA and EAB to drive the digital transformation of identity across the sector spectrum - from eGovernment and public safety through the development inclusive financial services to border management, eHeath and more.  

Commenting on joining the SIA's Advisory Observer program, Michiel van der Veen, Chief Executive of the EAB says:"Digital ID is a force for good. Biometrics and Digital ID technologies are enabling people to verify who they are with greater ease and security. There are many challenges and opportunities that require a multi-stakeholder approach involving government, academia and industry.

"EAB is a non-profit and nonpartisan association that ultimately serves the citizens of Europe in the advancement of modern biometric ID systems that are fair, accessible and secure, while respecting privacy. With a shared mission, we are proud to partner with the Secure Identity Alliance."

Welcoming the EAB, Frédéric Trojani, Chairman of the Board of the Secure Identity Alliance, commented: "As one of Europe's leading voices in the Digital ID and biometrics arena, EAB's presence within the SIA is of tremendous value. Its unbiased and in-depth expertise on biometrics and identity will offer crucial insights into our Work Group programs and support our mission of supporting the provision of legal, trusted identity for all, and to drive the development of inclusive digital services necessary for sustainable, worldwide economic growth and prosperity. I am delighted to welcome EAB and look forward to working together."