Chinese state facial recognition wrongly shames businesswoman
26 November 2018 17:13 GMT

A Chinese state facial recognition tool designed to catch jaywalkers wrongly shamed a famous businesswoman. 

Dong Mingzhu, president of Chian's biggest air conditioning maker, had her image flashed up on a public display screen in the city of Ningbo, near Shanghai, with a caption saying she had illegally crossed the street on a red light.

But this only happened because Ningbo's facial recognition cameras had actually only caught an advert featuring her face on the side of a passing bus.

This was spotted by Chinese citizens, who shared pictures of the alert on Weibo, a social network similar to Twitter.

On Wednesday, Ningbo traffic police admitted their mistake, saying the alert had been "immediately deleted afterwards" and that technicians had "completely upgraded the system to reduce the false recognition rate".

The incident highlights China's growing use of automated systems such as facial recognition cameras and use of social credit.

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