Planet Biometrics Event to be Launched in 2019
27 November 2018 16:31 GMT

Science Media Partners, the global publishing and events company behind world-renowned events SDW and connect:ID, have announced an exciting new launch for 2019 – the Planet Biometrics conference and exhibition.  

Planet Biometrics 2019 is a three-day fully-featured exhibition and cutting-edge conference, designed to bring together the entire global community of biometric identity specialists within government and industry.

With surging incidences of identity theft, frustrating password systems, the rise of next-generation government ID projects, and the increasing demand for secure personal and corporate ID solutions the world is embracing the power of innovative biometric solutions.

More than 100 expert speakers will address these issues, delivering in-depth analysis, insights and case studies to a highly-qualified audience. Key areas of focus will range from seamless travel to innovations in banking and from technological advancements to privacy and ethics.  

More than 50 international exhibitors and start-ups will showcase innovative solutions at a free-to-attend exhibition, expected to welcome 1000+ visitors.

Science Media Partners state their mission is, “To be a catalyst for the responsible use of biometrics by providing an interactive and global forum that connects world-leading providers with customers.”

Visit the Planet Biometrics website to discover more.