Jagstar introduces FaceFacts Pro
29 November 2018 16:23 GMT

Australian biometrics Jagstar has launched FaceFacts Pro, an Identity Verification solution that integrates intelligence gathering, the Jagstar facial database, and deep analytics into one integrated platform for facial recognition systems.

Jagstar is a Facial Recognition Database company that provides identity solutions for facial recognition platforms.

“The Jagstar has developed the world’s largest, private facial recognition database for identifying criminals and security risks, physical access to facilities, and identification of high value individuals for marketing or customer service purposes,” said Michael Doherty, Director of Operations at Jagstar.

“Most facial recognition systems rely on databases that are built over time. Jagstar dramatically increases the value of your investment,” said Doherty, “FaceFacts Pro provides a useable and customizable database in virtually the time that it takes to determine your objectives and parameters. Jagstar will compile the profiles, match with photos and upload to your system within days of engagement.”

In addition to Predictive Threat Detection, FaceFacts Pro also provides Predictive Opportunity Detection. The system can be configured to identify high value customers for VIP treatment and additional sales and marketing activity within retail operations, hotels, casinos or any environment where customer identification and interaction are important.