Inzenius Partners with V2verify
04 December 2018 16:24 GMT

Authentication and identity management provider V2verify​ has announced that Inzenius has partnered with them to offer voice authentication to their time and attendance solution.

Inzenius is a provider of Human Resource and Capital Management Solutions (HRM/HCM) in Australia and New Zealand.

According to Russell Bode, Inzenius’ Innovation Leader, adding a voice authentication technology to their time and attendance solution will provide their customers with a more streamlined and secure time clock management process, while cutting down on time clock fraud. 

“We’re excited to be working with V2verify”, said Russell Bode. “We are impressed with their user authentication and identity management solution; It supports our mission to be responsive to our customer’s ever-changing human capital requirements. V2verify will also play a key role in future product innovations.”

“Offering solutions that address HRM and HCM business challenges are at the heart of Inzenius’ business model, and we’re honored they selected V2verify’s biometric and AI technology to be part of their product’s roadmap,” said Damian De Rozairo, V2verify CEO.