ACI Worldwide to partner with BioCatch
10 December 2018 15:53 GMT

Real-time payment and banking solutions provider ACI Worldwide today said it will collaborate with BioCatch to apply behavioral biometrics to prevent online and mobile banking frauds.

This would add to the existing machine learning and advanced analytics capabilities from ACI’s UP Payments Risk Management solution.

BioCatch’s approach analyzes the way users interact with online applications and devices and introduces subtle tests known as “invisible challenges” into their online banking sessions. Users subconsciously respond to these challenges, without sensing any change in their experience. The response provides additional behavioral data that can be used to distinguish a real user from an imposter, whether human or robotic.

“As online and mobile banking proliferates, fraudsters are consistently finding new ways to infiltrate banks’ systems, creating havoc for consumers and businesses alike,” said Avi Turgeman, chief technology officer and founder, BioCatch. “By using behavioral data to distinguish between a genuine customer and a fraudster – whether human or non-human – we are able to detect fraudulent activity in real-time and protect consumers.”

Turgeman added that the customer base attests to the significant and measurable ROI that the technology provides coming from reduced fraud losses, lower operational costs, improved customer service and prevention of false declines.

ACI Worldwide provides electronic payments to more than 5100 organisations across the globe.

“New and emerging online threats such as account takeover, social engineering and robotic activity are difficult to keep up with while pursuing an enriched customer experience,” said Cleber Martins, global director, Payments Intelligence & Risk Solutions, ACI Worldwide.

“By providing banks with cost-efficient access to behavioral biometrics technology from BioCatch, and expanding the powerful enterprise risk management eco-system from ACI, banks can further promote safety and loyalty through the online relationship with their clients, and rest assured that their important assets are being protected on every channel,” Martins added.

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