EPC reveals poll on biometric authentication technology adoption
19 December 2018 17:07 GMT

The European Payments Council has revealed the results after it invited professionals working in the payments industry to share their views on the future of biometric authentication. It held over the last two months a poll on forecasting which of the suggested technologies would become a common practice in the medium run.
The question asked all participants to the poll was the following: “which biometric authentication technology do you consider to offer the greatest potential for customer adoption for payments in the coming 5 years?”.

The results were as follows:
Fingerprint scanning (31%)
Facial recognition (11%)
Eye recognition (10%)
Palm and vein reader recognition (4%)
Voice recognition (5%)
Other (4%)
Multiple (29%)
None (5%)

To sum up, most of the voters (60%) agreed that multiple and fingerprint scanning technologies have the greatest potential in the coming five years. Facial and eye recognition represented a fifth of the total votes and only 5% of respondents voted for no biometric authentication technology being in widespread use within 5 years. 




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