Nok Nok Labs biometric suite chosen by SoftBank
08 January 2019 17:30 GMT

Authentication suite firm Nok Nok Labs has announced the commercial deployment of an ID solution for SoftBank.

In a statement, the firm said SoftBank’s over ten million mobile subscribers now have the ability to use biometrics for authentication through the mobile application “My SoftBank Plus”.

"With this implementation, SoftBank’s mobile users access data with the My SoftBank service using biometrics for a frictionless, simple and fast authentication experience. This next generation authentication experience with My SoftBank Plus is now available for use with iOS and Android devices", wrote Nok Nok.

The Nok Nok solution gives consumers an easy-to-use, safe and secure method to perform transactions while also providing the service provider with a lower implementation cost of authentication that meets global industry standards. As a result of SoftBank and other mobile network operator deployments in Japan, the Nok Nok™ S3 Suite is now deployed to a majority of mobile users with biometric authentication on their mobile devices in Japan.

The firm said SoftBank selected Nok Nok Labs’ proven technology to provide secure, phishing-resistant, privacy-conscious authentication so that SoftBank users are able to experience frictionless access and an improved password-less user experience with the My SoftBank Plus mobile application.

In a market such as Japan where customers store and access most of their personal and professional data on mobile devices, authentication needs to be the first line of defense in protecting privacy, and preventing fraud and phishing,” said Nok Nok Labs’ CEO Phillip Dunkelberger. “We can no longer rely on passwords for our financial or other sensitive transactions as they are weak, forgotten and easily hacked. We are very pleased with SoftBank’s decision to choose our standards-based authentication platform for their millions of customers.”

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