Applied Recognition and Intellicheck join forces on digital ID
15 January 2019 17:59 GMT

Applied Recognition and Intellicheck have announced a new partnership to advance digital identity authentication. 

Applied Recognition and Intellicheck will incorporate one another’s technology into each partner’s respective product offerings, combining barcoded identity authentication with facial recognition. The combined, comprehensive technology solutions will heighten identity theft protection, curbing fraudsters’ ability to manipulate document, photo and video authentication to perpetrate financial and retail fraud.

“The combined technology solutions of two industry leading innovators set a new standard for identity authentication that is accurate, effective, and easy to adopt and to use. We believe our advanced fraud protection solutions will reduce online account-opening fraud dramatically while simultaneously improving the user experience,” said Applied Recognition Co-CEO Ray Ganong. 

The frictionless, engaging, user experience will feature the user capturing the front and rear image of a barcoded photo ID and then a selfie, both taken using a mobile device’s camera. The submitted information is rapidly analyzed for barcode authentication, optical character recognition (OCR) validation and scoring, and face-recognition-powered comparison of the selfie to the ID’s photo. Collectively, these tests ensure a valid identity authentication.


“Our combined technology solutions provide robust fraud protection at a critical juncture. The ongoing rise in data breaches that have compromised the personal identification information of millions of individuals have led to a dramatic increase in identity theft and fraud. In an increasingly mobile and online world, to protect the consumer you must first establish that they have a valid form of government issued ID and then confirm that the consumer is in control of that ID. This new partnership offers a much-needed dynamic solution that achieves both of these requirements in a manner that is at once both potent and seamless for the consumer,” said Intellicheck CEO Bryan Lewis.

The combined technology solutions will advance identity authentication and deliver a cost-effective solution for the financial services and retail industries, addressing legal, regulatory and know-your-customer (KYC) requirements, as well as providing powerful anti-fraud protection. The combined functionality will be available in a range of product formats: software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscription licenses (both individually and integrated into a bundled product offering), usage-based server modules, and mobile SDKs (software development kit). The combined service offerings will be available for use in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

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