CyberLink working with Altek on 3D face recognition
21 January 2019 16:33 GMT

Altek Corp, a firm developing digital camera applications including consumer, autotronic, and medical imaging, has paired with 3D cameras and CyberLink’s FaceMe AI Facial Recognition engine.

Altek’s AL6100 3D depth sensing chip can prevent fraudulent facial images or videos from being incorrectly identified by smart security systems, and deliver reliable, highly-accurate facial biometrics.

“Anti-spoofing is vital for smart security and other AIoT applications. CyberLink’s FaceMe engine is capable of accurate anti-spoofing by utilizing an array of inputs including 2D & 3D cameras, human head motions, voice, structured light scanners, time-of-flight (ToF) cameras, and other mainstream 3D imaging technologies. This allows FaceMe to achieve highly accurate human face pairing with faultless anti-spoofing results,” said Dr. Jau Huang, CEO of CyberLink. “Through our collaboration with Altek Corp., we hope to implement FaceMe’s high-accuracy facial recognition technology into 3D camera solutions to deliver safer and more reliable facial recognition capabilities to hardware manufacturers of mobile phones, door access control systems, and a number of other applications.”

Alex Hsia, CEO of Altek Corp., said, “Altek has been researching digital imaging for over 20 years. With the positive AI and 3D trend that is driving strong market demand, Altek has implemented CyberLink’s FaceMe AI facial recognition engine to 3D depth sensing solutions. This integration helps achieve excellent facial detection functions under any illumination, and also builds up an AI access and security system powered by edge computing, smart visual identification, and more innovative software and hardware services. All together, it provides top level security control for retailers, manufacturers, factories, and homes.”

FaceMe is one of the world’s top facial recognition engines, powered by deep neural network (DNN) algorithms. Endorsed by the world-renowned MegaFace Challenge, its high precision yields up to a 98.41% true acceptance rate (TAR) with a false acceptance rate (FAR) of less than 10 -6 (0.000001). FaceMe provides excellent cross-platform capabilities that support Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS, and can flexibly integrate into many edge computing devices for customized applications of various services and operating environments.

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