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IDEMIA and INTERPOL deepen partnership

IDEMIA will deliver INTERPOL’s new identification system that will usher in enhanced capabilities such as higher matching accuracy and more user-friendly interfaces

14 Apr 2021

UK Police using Integrated Biometrics fingerprint scanners

UK law enforcement agencies are now using IB fingerprint scanners to deliver services in more than a dozen areas 

23 Mar 2021

Face Forensics announces tattoo matching enhancements

Face Forensics has released a new version of its f2 tattoo recognition software 

01 Feb 2021

Ipsidy to help states fight fraud

Ipsidy, a leading provider of secure, mobile biometric identity solutions, including Identity as a Service announced today a suite of biometric identity solutions available for agencies of all U.S. States

06 Jan 2021

SuperCom secures monitoring contract in California

SuperCom, a global provider of secured solutions for the e-Government, IoT and Cybersecurity sectors , announced today that it has secured a new GPS monitoring contract in California. 

07 Dec 2020

SuperCom launches $1.2m Latvia project

SuperCom, a global provider of secured solutions for the e-Government, IoT and Cybersecurity sectors, announced today it has launched a new 5-year contract with the national government of Latvia,

01 Dec 2020

RealNetworks strengthens SAFR's leadership team

RealNetworks has announced the appointment of Brad Donaldson as Vice President, Computer Vision to lead the strategic development and market expansion of the SAFR product line

21 Sep 2020

Trinidad and Tobago Police Service receives fingerprints scanner

Broadview Surveillance Systems has donated a Guardian 200 ten-print Fingerprint scanner to the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS)

26 Aug 2020

SIA releases face recognition principles

The Security Industry Association (SIA), a trade association representing security solutions providers, has released its new policy principles guiding the development and deployment of facial recognition technology.

20 Aug 2020

UK court finds police face recognition breached privacy

UK rights organisation Liberty says it has won a legal challenge against police use of oppressive facial recognition technology.

19 Aug 2020
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