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Identity Week Asia launches full programme

The organisers of Identity Week Asia have revealed that the full programme is now online and available for download.

04 Sep 2019

Idemia launches Augmented Vision

Idemia has launched a video analytics application enhancing security in public and private places.

24 Jun 2019

Biometrics Institute calls for responsible practices

The Biometrics Institute is urging organisations to make use of existing good practice guidelines to prevent public confidence being undermined in the application of biometrics with policing and counter-terrorist procedures.

23 May 2019

BIO-key, identiMetrics and Bright Arrow working on biometric school warnings

BIO-key has partnered with identiMetrics and BrightArrow Technologies to release identiMetrics RallyPoint Control, a communication and messaging software system specifically designed for school emergency evacuations.

24 Jan 2019

Princeton ID uses iris for Auburn University security

Iris tech firm Princeton Identity announced today that Alabama’s Auburn University has updated and expanded the biometric identity system it uses to secure areas within its athletic facilities.

14 Dec 2018

RealNetworks adds Windows support to SAFR

RealNetworks has announced the availability of its SAFR facial recognition platform for Windows. 

25 Oct 2018

Canadian start-up Plurilock launches new behavioural biometric solutions

Plurilock - a Canadian start-up delivering solutions for workplace identity assurance - announces it has surpassed $1M revenue and is launching new products to meet the increasing demand for behavioural biometric security.

23 Aug 2018

RealNetworks gives away facial recognition solution to US schools

A RealNetworks' programme called SAFR, was released Tuesday for free download on the company's website for kindergarten through 12th grade schools in the US and Canada.

17 Jul 2018

Peking University uses face recognition

A top university in Beijing is using a facial recognition system to verify the identity of students and staff entering its campus.

02 Jul 2018

Chinese students vetted by face

An East China province will use facial recognition technology this year to register students sitting the gaokao, or national college entrance examination

04 Jun 2018
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