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Campaigners welcome biometrics commissioner in Scotland

Campaigners have welcomed the creation of a Commissioner to oversee use of biometrics by Police in Scotland

11 Mar 2020

Israel hosts 'school of biometrics'

The Identity and Biometric Applications Unit, at Israel's National Cyber Directorate held a "Winter School" with the University of Haifa on Biometric identification, voice recognition, face recognition 

17 Feb 2020

Australian official questions facial tech bias

Australian Human Rights Commissioner Edward Santow told the country's ABC channel that facial recognition technology has more errors when subjects have darker skin.

06 Feb 2020

Dermalog highlights biometric borders work in Thailand

The Thai Immigration Bureau (IB) has chosen the latest innovative technology from Dermalog

28 Jan 2020

QC to lead independent review of the governance of biometric data

Matthew Ryder QC has been commissioned by the Ada Lovelace Institute to lead an independent review of the governance of biometric data

28 Jan 2020

Biometrics to become box-office in year ahead: Equifax

Taking stock of the identity verification landscape, Keith McGill, Head of Fraud & ID at Equifax, expects rapid adoption of biometrics in 2020 as it enters the mainstream

22 Jan 2020

Scottish Justice Committee calls for biometrics commissioner

The Scottish Parliament’s Justice Committee has backed the general principles of a Bill which will create a Scottish Biometrics Commissioner

02 Jan 2020

Ghana explains need for biometric vote in 2020

Ghana's Electoral Commission (EC) has justified its decision to obtain new biometric voting system and compile a new electoral roll for elections in December 2020, reports local media.

02 Jan 2020

Israel's biometric authority releases RFI for an ABIS

The Biometric Database Management Authority (BDMA) of Israel has invited respondents to submit proposals to an RFI for an ABIS.

17 Dec 2019

SPS introduces its new Dual6 ID micromodule

SPS says its new Dual6 ID micromodule is 40% smaller than the previous Dual8 ID

21 Nov 2019
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