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Android to use Qualcomm chip to store mDLs

Qualcomm execs have announced that the company's latest chips — the Snapdragon 865 and the Snapdragon 765 — will be the first to support Android Identity Credential APIs.

06 Dec 2019

Opinion piece: Securing the next wave of banking

Generation Z looks set to transform the face of modern banking

04 Dec 2019

Countries ranked on how they’re collecting biometric data

Comparitech has analysed 50 different countries to find out where biometrics are being taken, what they’re being taken for, and how they’re being stored.

04 Dec 2019

One-in-three computers processing biometry face attempts

Some 37% of computers faced at least one attempt of malware infection in Q3 2019

04 Dec 2019

Group slams Uber's biometric plans for London

Liberty, the human rights organisation, has criticised the proposal by ride-hailing app Uber to force drivers in London to use facial recognition technology.

03 Dec 2019

UK's Conservatives to increase biometrics at borders

The Conservatives want to use automated entrance and exit checks to identify individuals who have overstayed their visa, under measures to strengthen border security after Brexit.

02 Dec 2019

Cyber-fraudsters increasingly collecting users’ selfies and IDs

In the third quarter of 2019, Kaspersky experts have detected a surge in fraud related to the stealing of personal and confidential documents through photos and selfies (often required for registration or identification purposes)

29 Nov 2019

Xyntek partners with Nymi

Xyntek Incorporated, a global leader in pharmaceutical and life sciences automation and IT solutions recently signed a partnership agreement with Nymi, expanding its Turnkey Biometrics Authentication Platform to include wearable technology. 

28 Nov 2019

Face Recognition Company to unveil security system

The Face Recognition Company (FRC) today announced that its multi-camera face-recognition security product is to be unveiled for the first time.

27 Nov 2019

Panasonic offering API for facial recognition

Panasonic Corporation announced that starting November 25, 2019, the company will begin offering an application programming interface (API) for its facial recognition technology to the market in Japan.

26 Nov 2019
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