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Traditional,  paper-based, ID schemes are not dependable enough in most parts of the world and hence unfit for governing today people’s mobility on global scale …

04 Jan 2016

Sirpa Nordlund, Mobey Forum, executive director

Biometrics offer a potential solution to the endless problem of how to maximise security without impacting the user experience. …

23 Dec 2015

Arun Vemury, Director, Apex Air Entry/Exit Re-engineering, DHS Science & Technology Directorate

In 2016 and beyond, a renewed focus on applying Human Systems Engineering to integrate biometrics into operations will be critical to win over users and front-line operators. … 

23 Dec 2015

Georg Hasse, Head of Consulting, Division Homeland Security, secunet Security Networks AG

Last year biometrics and border control were almost inseparable. …

21 Dec 2015

Peter Went, CEO of WCC

We see 2016 as the year when biometrics and biographics will continue to morph into an overarching method for identification. …

21 Dec 2015

Alan Goode, founder and managing director of Goode Intelligence

2015 has been a remarkable year for the biometrics industry with an increasing number of consumer smart devices supporting biometrics out-of-the-box. … 

21 Dec 2015

Ramesh Kesanupalli, FIDO Alliance VP and Nok Nok Labs founder

2015 has been an impressive year for biometrics in terms of deployments and compromises. … 

21 Dec 2015

James Loudermilk, Senior Level Technologist, Criminal Justice Information Services Division, FBI

Consumer adoption of biometrics on mobile devices continues as the most significant trend for the third consecutive year. …


21 Dec 2015

Alastair Partington, unique identity lead, emerging technologies, Accenture

Biometrics is no longer just about security improvements or fraud reduction.  Instead, many organisations are looking to biometrics technologies to deliver superior customer experiences, and efficiency gains …

01 Jan 2015

Cathy Tilton, VP for standards & emerging technologies at Daon

Whether it's the global economic situation, market saturation, or something else, I've seen a flattening of the large-scale government biometrics market. 

18 Dec 2014
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