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Company Spotlight: Ideal Innovations

Arlington-based facial recognition technology firm Ideal Innovations discusses the latest industry trends and the company's history.

31 May 2016

Interview: HYPR Corp on the intersection between biometrics and blockchain

Planet Biometrics caught up with George Avetisov, CEO and co-founder, HYPR Corp, to discuss the future of blockchain, biometrics and secure digital identities.

01 Mar 2016

Interview: Aware’s David Benini

Planet Biometrics caught up with David Benini, VP of market, to uncover insights about Aware’s strategy in regions such as Latin America and to discuss his views on the “fourth wave” of biometrics adoption.

17 Jul 2015

Interview – Conor White, Daon Americas President on IdentityX

Planet Biometrics talked to Conor White, Americas President at Daon, about the firm’s motivations in developing the IdentityX solution.

05 Jun 2015

Interview: USAA’s Gary McAlum on biometric banking

Planet Biometrics talked to USAA's Gary McAlum, CSO and SVP of Enterprise Security, about the financial service provider's biometric banking app.

29 May 2015

Interview: Qualcomm’s William Maheu on digital identity

Planet Biometrics caught up with William Maheu, Qualcomm’s senior director of business development, at connect:ID 2015. 

29 Apr 2015

Interview: HYPR CEO George Avetisov on biometric tokens

Planet Biometrics talks with Silicon Alley cybersecurity startup Hypr on its potentially disruptive plans for a biometric token platform.

20 Apr 2015

Interview: NexID’s Mark Cornett on spoofing

Planet Biometrics caught up with anti-spoofing specialists NexID at connect:ID 2015, with chief operating officer Mark Cornett discussing the evolution of attitudes towards spoofing.

15 Apr 2015

Interview: MorphoTrak’s Steve Vinsik on smart borders

At connect:ID 2015, Planet Biometrics caught up with Steve Vinsik, vice president of the criminal justice and public security business unit at MorphoTrak, USA.

14 Apr 2015

Interview: Visa Europe’s Jonathan Vaux on generation gaps and biometrics

Biometrics have a huge role to play in helping authenticate the customer in as painless and frictionless a way as possible, says Visa Europe's Jonathan Vaux.

10 Feb 2015
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