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CyberLink improves ranking in Nist testing

Biometrics firm CyberLink announced on 9 July that its FaceMe AI Facial Recognition Engine has ranked among the top tier in Nist tests.

10 Jul 2019

NEC to provide face recognition for Japan airports

NEC has announced an order from Japan Customs, under the Ministry of Finance, for an electronic customs procedure system utilizing face recognition to be installed at the customs inspection areas of six major airports in Japan.

10 Jul 2019

Rights group calls for ban on face recognition tech

Fight for the Future, a digital rights group, has called for a federal ban on government use of facial recognition surveillance.

10 Jul 2019

New specialized payment cards center inaugurated in Verona

In Verona today SIA has inaugurated a new specialized center for payment cards, capable of managing every stage of issuing, from conception to distribution, through a monitoring system compliant with the highest standards of security.

09 Jul 2019

HYPR partners with ForgeRock

HYPR Corp., the leading provider of True Passwordless Security, today announced it has partnered with ForgeRock to ease the path toward making 1+ billion digital identities secure by eliminating the use of passwords and shared secrets.

09 Jul 2019

CTMS & Daon partner on biometric onboarding

Daon, a provider of biometric identity technology, and CTMS, a digital onboarding and anti-fraud specialist, announced today a partnership agreement in France and other French-speaking countries. 

09 Jul 2019

Veridium's Tooley comments on UK face recognition controversy

Police are facing calls to halt the public use of facial recognition software to search for suspected criminals after academics from the University of Essex found matches were only correct in one in five of cases and the system was likely to break human rights laws. 

08 Jul 2019

Idex Biometrics expands its patent coverage for on-card enrollment

Idex has been granted a foundational patent for unconnected on-card enrollment on biometric smart cards by IP Australia, the Australian Patent and Trademark Office.

08 Jul 2019

Report: Apple planning iPhone with in-display fingerprint sensor

Supply chain sources in China indicate that Apple is reportedly planning to launch an iPhone model that has use an under-display fingerprint sensor.

08 Jul 2019

Group sees mobile device authentication as the future

MobileIron has announced the results of a research report that found enabling mobile device authentication with biometric-based access is the best approach to eliminate passwords.

05 Jul 2019

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