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Illionois considers fingerprinting gun owners

Illinois State Police director  Brendan Kelly said this week that lawmakers should mandate the fingerprinting of Firearm Owner Identification Card applicants.

20 Feb 2020

ConsenSys Grants awards funding to biometric wallet

ConsenSys, which grants funds open-source projects that benefit the greater Ethereum ecosystem, will award $25,000 to Unikeys.

19 Feb 2020

EU to debate facial recognition in criminal law

The use of Artificial Intelligence by the police and judicial authorities, including facial recognition, will be discussed by the EU's Civil Liberties Committee on Thursday.

19 Feb 2020

SecuGen to Demonstrate the U20-ASFX at connect:ID 2020

SecuGen, an optical fingerprint device and technology vendor, is pleased to announce that they will be demonstrating the newly released U20-ASFX at the connect:ID exhibition in Washington, D.C. next month.

19 Feb 2020

Herta Security wins for biometric solutions

Based on its recent analysis of the European biometric surveillance solutions market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes Herta Security with the 2019 Europe Customer Value Leadership Award

18 Feb 2020

MSPs warns Scottish police against face recognition use

An MSP Sub-Committee in Scotland has said it believes that there would be no justifiable basis for Police Scotland to invest in face recognition technology.

18 Feb 2020

CyberNews blasts PayPal for 'failing to fix security flaws'

Cyber security analysts at CyberNews say PayPal is failing to fix major vulnerabilities that allow hackers to quickly drain users’ bank accounts.

18 Feb 2020

Veridos showcases VeriGO in Munich

Veridos VeriGO eAccess solution will once again be utilized at the Munich Security Conference (MSC).

17 Feb 2020

CBP introduces facial comparison at Progreso Port of Entry

 U.S. Customs and Border Protection is introducing biometric facial comparison technology to further secure and streamline travel through the Progreso Port of Entry in southern Texas.

17 Feb 2020

Israel hosts 'school of biometrics'

The Identity and Biometric Applications Unit, at Israel's National Cyber Directorate held a "Winter School" with the University of Haifa on Biometric identification, voice recognition, face recognition 

17 Feb 2020

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