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Coppernic turns to Integrated Biometrics

Integrated Biometrics’ compact, high-performance fingerprint sensor, the “Five-O,” has been incorporated into Coppernic’s formidable new multifunction tablet, the ID Platform FAP50.

06 Aug 2019

ID R&D announces IDLive Face

ID R&D,a biometrics technology provider offering AI-based voice and behavioral biometrics and voice and face anti-spoofing technologies, today announced the release of the industry’s first production-ready, wholly passive facial liveness detection capability, IDLive Face.

06 Aug 2019

Camvi ranked #1 in NIST face recognition test

Camvi Technologies announced on Friday that its advanced face recognition technology was ranked #1 in accuracy for Mugshot Photos in the most recent Face Recognition Vendor Tests (FRVT) conducted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

05 Aug 2019

FacePhi signs a contract for facial recognition with Banco del Sol

FacePhi continues its business expansion in Argentina after signing the contract to offer its digital onboarding technology to Banco del Sol, together with its Argentinian technology partner Compusistem

05 Aug 2019

CaixaBank's ATMs awarded for facial recognition

CaixaBank has been recognised by The Banker magazine for the innovation of its ATMs with biometric technology, the world's first ATMs to allow withdrawals using facial recognition and without having to enter a PIN.

05 Aug 2019

Face recognition bar launches in London

The sound of bar staff yelling ‘who’s next?’ on a busy Saturday night is set to become a thing of the past, thanks to the launch of the world’s first biometrics enabled powered bar.

02 Aug 2019

Fujitsu uses encryption tech with biometrics

Fujitsu Laboratories has developed a technology that can compare biometric information while it is still encrypted, with the same accuracy and processing speed as conventional biometric authentication systems.

02 Aug 2019

TROIKA to use NEXT sensor for Aadhaar payments

NEXT Biometrics has announces that TROIKA Transsolutions will use NEXT`s certified sensor technology as part of its financial transaction platform for the Indian market. 

02 Aug 2019

Senators press for DHS transparency on biometrics

US senators are asking the Homeland Security Department to release a mandated report on its use of biometric identification technology, in a letter published Friday. 

01 Aug 2019

UK's ICO selects biometrics for data protection sandbox

The use of biometrics to speed up airport passenger journeys, innovations in crime prevention and technological advances in the health sector are among the first projects selected to take part in the ICO Sandbox.

01 Aug 2019

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