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Philadelphia International Airport renews contract with Telos

Philadelphia has contracted with Telos to provide Transportation Security Administration (TSA)-approved Designated Aviation Channeling (DAC) services for processing worker background checks at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL).

09 Feb 2021

Cognitec upgrades mask-proof matching algorithm and age estimator

Highly focused and innovative R&D initiatives have again raised accuracy levels of Cognitec’s main matching algorithm and its age estimation technology

09 Feb 2021

NXT-ID reduces term debt by $5.0 Million

NXT-ID, a provider of healthcare devices and services, announced today it has made a prepayment of approximately $5.0 million in principal of its senior secured debt

09 Feb 2021

Soberlive unit now has facial ID

A new contactless and automatic device with facial recognition can become an organisation’s first line of defence in restricting employees and visitors who are under the influence of alcohol or are not authorised.

08 Feb 2021

IDEX extends payment partnership

IDEX Biometrics, a leading provider of advanced fingerprint identification and authentication solutions, has expanded its technical partnership with a global provider of EMVCo secure element solutions

08 Feb 2021

BIO-key announces partnership with Appsian

BIO-key International, an innovative provider of identity and access management (IAM) solutions powered by biometrics, today announced that it has partnered with Appsian

08 Feb 2021

Ipsidy launches AuthentifID

Ipsidy, a provider of secure, mobile biometric identity solutions, including Identity as a Service (IDaaS), today announced an expansion of Ipsidy’s IDaaS services to include AuthentifID

04 Feb 2021

Biometrics to secure over $3 trillion in mobile payments by 2025

A new study from Juniper Research has found that biometrics will authenticate over $3 trillion of payment transactions in 2025, from just $404 billion in 2020.

04 Feb 2021

Delta launches first domestic digital identity test

Delta customers at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport now have the option to move through the airport faster and more easily.

04 Feb 2021

Antimicrobial coatings to reduce infection transmission risk on fingerprint scanners

Touch-based fingerprint scanners are the only choice when it comes to applications that require forensic quality fingerprints.

04 Feb 2021

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