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Open The Government comments on face recognition controversies

Rights advocacy group Open The Government, in collaboration with MuckRock, has noted in a statement that it uncovered how Clearview AI, was "scraping billions of publicly available photos from social media accounts and selling them to law enforcement agencies". 

05 Mar 2020 launches face recognition solution - an online human resource management platform in Vietnam launches AI face recognition technology via mobile devices or CCTV, saying the solution helps businesses improve employee safety during the time of Covid-19.

05 Mar 2020

Idex identifies underage gambling as key issue

 New research commissioned by IDEX Biometrics ASA reveals almost three-in-ten (29%) of Generation Z (those born after 1995) accessed online gambling sites while underage.

04 Mar 2020

WEF releases first facial recognition framework for industry

The World Economic Forum released the first framework for the safe and trustworthy use of facial recognition technology. 



04 Mar 2020

IDEMIA partners with JAC on biometrics for Level5 in Japan

IDEMIA, a leader in Augmented Identity and Japan Aerospace Corporation (JAC) partnered to demonstrate a proof of concept with MorphoWave Compact, a unique award-winning access control biometric device.

04 Mar 2020

Accops Systems launches identity solution

Accops Systems, a trusted developer and provider of secure workspace virtualization infrastructure, has launched an upgraded version of its multi-factor identity and access management solution that supports biometric authentication.

03 Mar 2020

SecuGen brings Unity to connect:ID 2020

SecuGen, a  leading optical fingerprint device and technology vendor, will be highlighting the Unity Biometric Development Platform (BDP) at the connect:ID 2020 exhibition for next generation identity solutions. 

03 Mar 2020

Comba Telecom launches access control system

Comba Telecom, a solutions and services provider of wireless and information communications systems, announced the launch of ScanViS GateGuard PRO, an advanced facial recognition access control solution specifically designed for enterprises.

03 Mar 2020

InnoValor NFC solution used in SK ID tech for Estonia

A new remote identity verification solution based on NFC chip verification and face recognition was this week approved by the Estonian Information System Authority.

02 Mar 2020

Fingerprints’ biometric access control software expanded

Biometrics company, Fingerprint Cards announces the expansion of its Biometric Software Platform (FPC-BEP) for access control solutions.

02 Mar 2020

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