Accenture has extensive experience of implementing large scale biometric identity management systems which form part of critical security and identify infrastructures, and border management programs in various countries. These include US-VISIT and the world’s largest identity database, the European Commission’s Biometric Matching System for visas; and the Irish National Automated Fingerprint Identification System. Accenture has also implemented automated border clearance programs at London Healthrow and Stansted airports and the NoQ trial at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. This track record gives Accenture the practical experience of developing robust, resilient, secure and scalable solutions in aggressive time scales offering a best of breed approach and technical flexibility.

Accenture works with many organisations that make use of biometric identity management including border management, national identity, police, defence, critical infrastructure protection agencies, banking, healthcare and others. We work at a strategic level to deploy the latest solutions into live environments and, considering people, processes and technology, we:

  • Define strategies for effective and secure identity management;
  • Ensure high-performance business processes;
  • Analyze physical layout, job functions and process redesign;
  • Determine effective workforce reorganization and training;
  • Implement change management and an impactful solution.

Accenture has an extensive team of more than 2,000 professionals dedicated to border management and public safety which is complemented by deep technology expertise from Accenture‘s Technology Labs.

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