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ModiVision Biometric Entrance Control Solutions

MODI develops leading innovative biometric products for fingerprint, face and iris- recognition together with user-friendly, fast and safe entrance-control solutions.

MODI’s portfolio includes:

- Special 2D and 3D biometric camera technology and algorithms for face and iris recognition on the move with an outstanding performance.
- Biometric ID and pre-check Kiosk’s.
- Turnkey Solutions including Gate development and software for ABC (Automated Border Control), entrance-control and face-in-the-crowd applications.
- Systems for airports like “Biometric Boarding”, “Biometric Terminal Entrance”, “Biometric Check In”, “Biometric Baggage Drop Off”, “Stuff Biometric Entrance Control”,
- Biometric entranc- control solutions for stadiums, government buildings, casinos, cruise ships, hotels, malls, etc.

The products are based on 17 years of experience with high-level identification tasks in different applications. By a worldwide network of business partners, sales offices and integrators, MODI products are installed in more than 20 countries.

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