Vision-Box has been a key player in designing, developing and deploying biometric-based solutions for various applications, including aviation, travel and border control , smart governments and smart cities .

A leading partner of the most prestigious airports, airlines, governments and private entities with critical security and identification challenges, Vision-Box has extensive experience with facial, fingerprint, iris and multimodal biometric solutions. The company has pioneered the most advanced digital identity ecosystems of the last decades , supported by its highly performant in-house face recognition algorithm, according to NIST .

Some examples of landmark programs were Aruba Happy Flow, the first 100% biometric airport journey ever, Seamless Flow , a program dedicated to transforming the passenger journey at Schiphol Amsterdam into a paperless one, and nationwide border control frameworks in the UK or Australia. Focus has been in improving the quality, efficiency and security of processes, while offering faster, safer and seamless experiences for citizens.

With privacy at the heart of its activity, Vision-Box offers the only biometric identity management solution certified in Privacy by Design worldwide.




Address Details

Name: Vision-Box SA
Address: Rua Casal do Canas 2
2790-204 Carnaxide
T: +351 211 543 900


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