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CMITech is a leading provider of high performance, cost effective iris recognition systems.  Dedicated to fulfilling the promise of iris recognition for superior accuracy in deployments of all sizes, the company is setting the industry standard for advanced user interfaces that are fast, intuitive and effortless.
The company offers 3 products:
EF-45.  The company’s core product for all authentication applications, the EF-45 features a face display-based positioning approach that is fast and very easy to use, including new or non-acclimated users.  

After automatically detecting the user with face detection that operates at a range of 1.0 meter, the system displays the user’s face within the positioning box at the top of the display.  As the user moves toward the system, the positioning box will have a blue border to indicate that the user is too far away, so the user will move closer.  If the subject is too close, the box turns red, indicates to move away, while when the user is within the capture volume, the box turns green, indicating that the user should remain still.  Capture is automatic, and typically takes about 0.5 to 1.0 seconds.

The EF-45 is a fully embedded terminal, incorporating a powerful Cortex A9 quad-core processor.  It normally communicates through Ethernet, although there are USB and WiFi options.  The embedded software features a full range of functionality for physical access control (PACS) and time & attendance applications, but the EF-45 can readily be utilized in other identity management solutions such as border control or financial services authentication.  Key software support includes comprehensive SDK’s and a network-based Configuration Utility for centralized configuration and management of systems on the network.  

BMT-20.  A binoculars type dual iris recognition system, the BMT-20 is intended for large scale enrollment programs such as national ID, voter registration, guest worker program registration and similar civil ID applications.  Developed to meet the stringent requirements of India UID, the industry’s largest biometrics program, the BMT-20 provides superior speed of capture and ease of use through a unique folded optics design that provides extended depth of capture of 30 mm.  The user instructions are simply to place the visor over the eyes and touch the forehead bar to the user’s forehead.  Once the eyes are centered in the internal mirrors, capture is automatic.  The extended depth of capture range allows that all subjects do not have to move the system away from their forehead to be within the capture range, making the user experience fast, simple and reliable.  Capture times are typically under 1.0 second.

EMX-30.  A tilt head, dual iris imager, the EMX-30 operates at a stand-off range of 32 to 35 cm.  Users center their eyes in the mirror, while watching the LED distance indicators of blue, red and green to be within the proper focal range.  This system is USB connected, and is intended for desktop and countertop applications such as healthcare registration, civil ID enrollment and authentication, and financial services authentication.

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