Acuant’s Identity Platform empowers businesses and consumers to transact with trust. Our Identity Proofing solutions instantly reduce fraud while providing seamless customer experiences. We take a customer centric approach that defines our purpose, guides our products and harnesses the innovation and enthusiasm of our team.  

Acuant believes identity is the new currency and it should belong to the individual who may choose when and how to share their personally identifying information (PII). This must be balanced with the fact that the need for strong, customer-friendly identity verification has never been greater. As PII is continuously jeopardized, Acuant serves to create trusted transactions that put individuals at ease and in control, while simultaneously allowing businesses to address their appropriate level of risk.

Acuant’s solutions easily integrate into any environment (desktop, mobile, cloud) and work with all operating systems to be a part of a process or a complete solution. We provide layers of authentication that include intelligent data capture and auto-fill software, identity document authentication, chip and e-Passport authentication with PKI, facial recognition software and expert manual review of documents. Human assisted machine learning powers the industry’s largest ID library (including driver’s licenses, passports, state IDs, national IDs, military IDs, voter cards, resident cards, visas, border crossing cards and more) that supports more than 190 countries and has continuous updates.

Acuant mitigates risk and meets regulatory requirements such as KYC and AML, while protecting PII. Partners include start-ups, Fortune 500 and FTSE 350 organizations in all industries including Government, Financial, Healthcare, Hospitality and Security. Having processed more than 3 billion transactions worldwide, we see ourselves as a global player on the good side of managing identity to aid in reducing human trafficking, combating commercial fraud and safeguarding our borders.

Address Details

Acuant Corporate HQ
6080 Center Drive Suite 850
Los Angeles, CA 90045

Tel: +1 213.867.2625
Fax: 419.735.2419



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