Iris ID Systems, Inc.

Iris ID is the recognized pioneer and leader in biometric technology with its iris-recognition solutions being used daily to authenticate the identities of millions of people on six continents. The company’s accurate and robust technology is used by more Fortune 500 companies – even nations – than from any other iris recognition biometric provider.

Iris recognition technology is widely accepted as the most accurate, fastest and most highly scalable option for deployment of a biometric solution virtually any place where it is critical to rapidly authenticate people’s identity.

Iris ID provides solutions for access control, time and attendance, national identity, transportation, immigration and more. Company systems are in use at data centers to protect a company’s valuable information, at airport security checkpoints and immigration desks worldwide. Our technology can be found at many border crossings, military bases, nuclear power plants and biotech laboratories.

A growing number of healthcare facilities are choosing iris-based identity authentication systems. Unlike other biometric technologies, iris solutions enable users to wear safety glasses, corrective or contact lenses, gloves or respiratory masks without compromising system accuracy. A contactless identification system from Iris ID eliminates the need for human touch, reducing the potential spread of communicable diseases.

Iris ID platforms provide solutions for organizations of any size. Our technology is configurable to support large population databases of 1 billion people with hundreds of millions of daily transactions.

The drive to continually enhance its competence in identity authentication, coupled with core interests in IT and wireless technologies, is what motivates Iris ID’s design efforts and prepares the company to meet the challenges of tomorrow and beyond.

The future of iris recognition technology looks bright in a world constantly seeking new ways to authenticate identity and privileges while processing people, information and delivering increased levels of security. Iris ID will maintain its strong commitment to bring the most effective, affordable and innovative technology solutions to market.

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Address: 8 Clarke Drive, Cranbury NJ 08512
Phone: +1-609-819-4747


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