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Invixium notes rising demand for contactless biometrics 08 April 2020

Invixium, a leading global provider of modern biometric solutions, noted a significant rise in the demand for touchless biometric solutions even before the Coronavirus pandemic 

ISO publishes standards on biometric data 11 February 2020

The International Organisation for Standardisation ('ISO') published, on 7 February 2020, international standards ISO/IEC 39794-1, ISO/IEC 39794-4, and ISO/IEC 39794-5 ('the Standards') for biometric data interchange formats. 

Russian university sued for use of biometric data 03 February 2020

Russia's Federal Service for the Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media ('Roskomnadzor') announced, on 29 January 2020, that it had decided a case concerning the unlawful collection of biometric personal data of minor

NYCLU slams approval for school facial system 08 January 2020

New York Civil Liberties Union has asked the state's Education Department to cancel its approval of a biometric surveillance system for a Western New York school district


EAB launches pan-European research consortium

A pan-European consortium that aims to foster links between the region’s academia, industry players and governments for better biometrics innovation was officially inaugurated in London yesterday.

EAB Contribution to Horizon 2020 consultations

An outline of some key research priorities and objectives are presented as input to the preliminary consultations surrounding the theme of Trustworthy ICT within the Horizon 2020 programme.

Automated Personal Identification

This book is a rare and exciting find in the US Library of Congress. It is one of the very earliest analyses of automated personal identity technology and was written at the birth of what we now know as the modern biometrics industry. Despite being written in 1974, the authors saw with impressive clarity many of the issues that remain today as some of the most difficult problems to solve.


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