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Imprivata adds face recognition 27 May 2021

Imprivata, the digital identity company for healthcare, together with technology partners Aware and IDEMIA, today introduced an innovative mobile facial recognition solution

Vaxtrac Coalition adds members 07 April 2021

Vaxtrac Coalition founding members Allied Identity and SICPA announced additional members.

b.well and Mastercard Partner on digital health ID 01 April 2021

 b.well Connected Health has announced a partnership with Mastercard to provide individuals a simpler and more secure way to prove their identity online and in-person when accessing healthcare services. 

Human API and CLEAR partner on Covid ID solutions 01 March 2021

Human API, a digital health data platform company that connects consumers' health data to companies they trust, announced their partnership with CLEAR and their Health Pass platform.

Cognitec upgrades mask-proof matching algorithm and age estimator 09 February 2021

Highly focused and innovative R&D initiatives have again raised accuracy levels of Cognitec’s main matching algorithm and its age estimation technology

Related news

FacePhi launches solution with Supervielle

Argentine bank Supervielle has launched a biometric mobile app for pensioners.

iProov partners with Evernym

iProov, a leading provider of biometric authentication technology for Genuine Presence Assurance, today announced its partnership with self-sovereign identity (SSI) specialists, Evernym.

e?dentity proposes biometrics to identify asymptomatic COVID cases

Global e?dentity, a national security biometric tech startup founded by U.S. Navy veteran Robert Adams, has proposed a simple biometric technology that can also be used to identify individuals infected asymptomatically with the Covid-19 infection.

NIST investigates face masks’ effect on face recognition software

Now that so many of us are covering our faces to help reduce the spread of COVID-19, how well do face recognition algorithms identify people wearing masks?

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